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  Djenane El-Malik bloom of a strongly held conviction, knowing that the spatiality of a town, its identity and its own truths cannot be reduced        to the toponimic vertigo. 

Founded by a designer, a lover of Algiers, the identity of our company was forged at the confluence of diffrent disciplines: an aesthetic sensibility, an attention paid to heritage and a  knowledge of the symbolic networks that surrounds Algiers's space, that allows us to closely meet our clients  expectations, to accompany them both in their prospecting and in the optimization of the properties they submit to us.

If you're seeking for a cosy and safe house in Algiers or a space that can host your activity, our team will be glad to receive and guide you by respecting your privacy and having the sole purpose of protecting your interests.

The services offered by Djenane El-Malik agency and the requirement level it imposes relates to the fact that Real Estate is not only our business but it is our passion.

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